Large Long Leg Kermit The Frog Puppet Plush Toy

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Kermit Frog Plush Toy 100/120cm with Large Long Legs


Care to own a large long leg Kermit toy/doll that doubles up as a pillow? This stuffed toy/pillow/doll can also be a great Christmas gift for your kid or loved one of any gender.


Main features and specifications


· Material: Made using soft plush & PP cotton


· Size: 100/120 cm


· Gender: Unisex


· Age range: Ideal for 3 year old and above


Main pros


1. High quality: Made using high-quality cotton material. Soft on touch but highly durable material and stitching. 100% new.


2. Numerous applications: Can double up as Christmas gift for your kid or gift for any other occasion for kids and adults. The doll can double up as a pillow given the large size and soft stuffing. The long legs make the toy perfect for kids play i.e., carrying around.


3. Business opportunity: Turn a purchase into a money-making opportunity buy buying in bulk and reselling.


Possible con/s


1. Can be pricey