Meloke Fantasy 3D Unicorn Printing Backpack
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Buy this fantasy 3D Unicorn printing backpack for your teenage girl for a bargain. The bag is stylish, functional, affordable and much more!

Main features and specifications

 · Material: Canvas with polyester lining

· Color: White

· Gender: Female (girls) bag

· Money back guarantee: 30-day buyer protection

Main pros

1. Superior design: Made with durable material. Has interior pocket, strong zipper, air cushion carrying belt, silt exterior pocket and fur decoration. Very stylish 3D backpack.

2. Versatile: Bag can be used as a daily backpack, schooling bag, and travel bag among many other carrying applications.

3. Guarantee: Sold with a 30-day money back guarantee.

4. Affordable: Cheap considering factors like versatility, size and superior design.

Possible con/s

1. Coupon available for new users only.

2. Available in one color only