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Who doesn’t know and love Kermit the frog puppet? If there’s one puppet purchase that will resonate with every generation since the 1950’s to now, it's none other than Kermit the frog puppet.

Whether you want the original Kermit the frog puppet for your child or need Kermit-inspired merchandise like keychains, mugs, casual sneaker shoes or phone cases to gift a loved one, you can find everything you need here!

Kermit The Frog Puppets

We have a huge authentic variety of Kermit the frog puppets ranging from; stuffed Kermit dolls, full body Kermit frog puppets with legs and Kermit frog puppet hands to Kermit frog dolls with spring hands and feet as well as puppet variations by age. You can buy a Kermit puppet for a toddler (6 months and above), 3 years and above, 6 years and above, 12 years and above as well as Kermit puppets for adults. The puppets also vary in height, material and stuffing making them appropriate for anyone, kids and adults who are fans of Kermit.

Kermit the frog merchandise

Besides buying Kermit the frog hand & full body puppets with legs or Kermit the frog dolls, you can also buy Kermit merchandise ranging from Kermit keychains as gifts for loved ones.

Get more Kermit merchandise like Kermit's entire castmates over the years ranging from Miss Piggy to Fozzie bear and Chef Miss as well as any other notable character Kermit has been featured with over the past five decades.

We have products and merchandise available  for sale for everyone regardless of age, taste, preferences, and budget.

Why Kermit?

Great for creative play for your kids

Kermit the frog puppet promotes creative pretend play making the puppets great gifts for nurturing creativity. As your kid “gets into character” and plays with the puppet, they can stretch their creativity and imagination like never before.

Encourage communication

When you buy a Kermit doll or puppet, you’re not just buying your kid another toy. Kermit is a great tool for developing communication skills. The puppet encourages language development, singing, dancing, exploring emotions, speaking in rhyme, building confidence when speaking as well as reading aloud.

Adult style and fun

You can find Kermit puppets and merchandise gifts for all age groups, including adults. Kermit’s influence spans generations. The products available ranging from keychains, caps, socks, shoes, etc., cater for every age group, especially fans of Kermit the frog who are above 18 years old.

SHOP for Kermit the frog puppets and merchandise online NOW.

Brief history of Kermit the frog puppet

Kermit the frog puppet was introduced to our screens in 1955 in hit live-action puppet TV show “Sam and Friends”. The puppet is best known for Muppet productions; the Muppet Show and Sesame Street although Kermit has featured in many other TV series, specials, public service announcements and films over the decades. The puppet was created by American puppeteer, Jim Henson who performed Kermit for 35 years until his death. Steve Whitmire took over performance from 1990 up to 2016 when he was dismissed by Disney for undisclosed reasons. Currently, Kermit is performed by American puppeteer Matt Vogel who has featured in many projects including Muppet Babies.

Creation story

The Kermit prototype was first made with a spring coat belonging to Kim Henson’s mother. The puppet’s eyes were made using ping pong balls cut in half. Initially, Kermit the frog puppet resembled a lizard. There are several TV appearances of Kermit as a lizard-like creature. He later evolved into a frog. Other changes in his prototyping include the addition of a collar to hide the seams between his body and head as well as to give him a more frog-like appearance.

Origin of the name Kermit

The origins of the name Kermit are subject to debate although it is usually claimed that the name originated from Henson's childhood friend – Kermit Scott. However, parties close to Henson such as Karen Falk who is the head archivist and board member of Henson's legacy organization refutes this claim on record stating that Jim Henson had stated in the past before he died, that Kermit wasn't named after his childhood friend who happened to have the same name.

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