Unicorn Printing Linen Backpack

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This New Fashion Unicorn Design backpack is a large bag made for school or carrying everything to your destination. The reflective polyurethane material has a laser-like quality and the bag comes in pink color. Aside from its large capacity, there is a unicorn image stamped on the front for a cute and unforgettable aesthetic.

Some of the best features are:

-Made from polyurethane and all three have a reflective surface that gleams in the light

-Beautiful unicorn design that everyone will notice and love

-Large capacity, perfect for school, outings, and everything else

If you’re looking for a beautiful backpack that everyone will notice, then the New Fashion Unicorn backpack is exactly what you want. Get it today and you’ll see why this backpack is so popular. Whether for yourself or customers, it’s a big seller that everyone loves.