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You're loved ones have received enough real flowers. They're beautiful for a day or two and then start to die. Instead, give them a purple rose bear flower gift that will stay vibrant and beautiful for years to come.

These bears are handcrafted with only the finest materials. This means they're fade-resistant, waterproof, and environmentally friendly. You'll never experience any weird odors coming from your bear.

This lets you or the recipient snuggle up with this bear. If you happen to squeeze too tight and flatten the roses, it's OK. They can be reformed back into their three-dimensional shapes. This way your bear will stay beautiful for years to come.

Each bear's look is completed with a soft black ribbon that's tied in a bow around the neck. The ribbon gives a special message with the phrase "Just for you" printed on it.

- 25 x 20 cm

- Environmentally friendly

- Waterproof

- Fade-resistant

Give your loved one this purple rose bear and which their face light up in delight.