Plush Fur Unicorn Zipper Backpack
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Plush Fur Unicorn Zipper Backpack for Girls

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Buy this unique unicorn backpack for your baby girl. The backpack works perfectly as a schoolbag and play-bag for carrying applications. Can also be used for travel applications.

Main features and specifications

· Material: Made using colorful fur, cotton, and polyester material.

· Handle, zipper, and bag style: Soft handle, has zipper\interior zipper included and casual style bag. Resin mesh carrying bag system.

· Size and weight: Measures 25 by 29 cm. Weighs 240g

· Carrying capacity: Less than 20 liters

· Decoration: Cartoon unicorn

· Application: Can be used as a schoolbag, plush bag, travel bag, or play bag by school-going girls in kindergarten. Also usable by older girls.

· Shipping: Available globally

· Guarantee: Buyer protection available. 30-days.

Main pros

1. Incredibly cute: Lovely colorful fur cartoon backpack for baby girls and school-going girls.

2. Unique design: Unique unicorn decoration. Soft but superior and durable construction.

3. Versatile: Bag can be used for travel, schooling, play, etc. Ideal size and weight for multiple applications.

4. Buyer protection: 30-day money-back guarantee.

Possible con/s

1. Best discount is given to first-time buyers.