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This Lovely Unicorn travel bag backpack is made from a leather-like polyurethane that feels great and comes in multiple colors and styles. There is a fun unicorn horn and ears on the front to complete the aesthetic. This bag is made to be worn in several ways, from the back to the shoulder, and it has thin straps that are comfortable and easy to work with. Plus, the colors are highly vibrant and make the bag really pop.

Some of the best features include:

-Highly vibrant colors to choose from and multiple styles you can select

-Made with a unicorn aesthetic, from a soft horn to fuzzy ears on the side

-Easy to wear in multiple ways, from the back to the side

-Thin and comfortable straps, the whole bag is made from polyurethane

This Lovely Unicorn backpack is beautiful and will be perfect for yourself or your customers. It has a remarkable aesthetic that will instantly draw the eye, making it ideal for many different people. Buy yours today.