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You’ve probably torn something at least once in recent past. Clothing gets torn all the time, and many people will attest to the fact that they tear something, especially clothing several times a year. Others tear their drapes/curtains, pillowcases, towels, beddings, among other items like bags and scarfs all the time. When this happens, you must find a needle and some thread and do some emergency sewing. If you’re lucky and have time, you can visit a tailor and get the repairs done. We have a better solution to all your sewing needs!

Handheld Sewing Machine: Cordless and Electric for Home and Travel

As the name suggests, we have a sewing machine that is small enough to fit your palm but powerful enough to handle all common sewing jobs ranging from repairs to alterations. What’s more; the sewing machine is electric and cordless to offer easy operation.

Main features and specifications

  • Material: Made using durable plastic and metal
  • Size and weight: Measures 20 by 3 by 6.5 cm in length, width and height respectively. Weighs 240g.
  • Usage: Sewing for fabric that isn’t too thick/thin (approximately 1.8mm).
  • Thread: Single thread sewing.
  • Power: Electric. Battery-powered. Can be operated using a power adapter. Features multiple power controls for switching on the machine, regulating speed, rotating axis, etc.
  • Color: Available in black and white.
  • Package: Sold with bobbin, needle and thread. 4AA batteries aren’t included in the package.
  • Warranty: Refund or replacement available for a defective product.

How to use the handheld sewing machine

You don’t need any prior sewing experience to start using the handheld sewing machine. The machine comes with a detailed user manual that lets you know how to use the machine in minutes. You need to get batteries or power using an adapter to get started. To begin sewing, set the needle and thread as per your manual and place the fabric you want to repair or mend on the cloth pressing shaft as you would with a typical sawing machine. Press the start switch to start sewing. You can adjust sewing accordingly using controls like the rotation axis and power control. You can also move the sewing machine accordingly to maneuver tricky sewing angles.

We have 3 variants of the handheld sewing machine:

1. Mini Portable Handheld Sewing Machine

2. Mini 12 Stitches Sewing Machine

3. Portable Handheld Sewing Machine

Pros and cons of the handheld sewing machine


Portable: The compact size and lightweight nature of the handheld sewing machine makes it easy to carry the machine around anywhere and sew with ease when the need arises.

Flexible: Traditional sewing machines can’t handle some repairs such as mending curtains or repairing torn clothes in an emergency. With the handheld sewing machine, you can repair torn curtains, mend torn pockets without removing your pants or repair bed sheets and pillowcases without stripping your bed. You can also mend a variety of materials from silks and denim to leather, wool, and crafts.

Practical: The sewing machine is also suitable for a varied seam thickness (not too big, hard or thick seams) which accounts for most sewing needs. What’s more; you can make just about any garment you would make at home with a traditional sewing machine from aprons and handkerchiefs to gloves, socks as well as simple embroidery and patchwork. The sewing machine isn’t just small. It works, as well, if not better for family, travel, and many other sewing applications.

Electric: The sewing machine can be powered by 4-AA batteries or using a power adaptor. You don’t need any manual effort to operate as is the case with traditional sewing machines. The machine features multiple controls (start switch, cloth pressing shaft, power control, conductor hole, etc.) for handling every aspect of powering and sewing.

Saves cost: Being able to mend clothes, among other things on the spot will save money you would have otherwise spent buying new clothes, garments, etc. Furthermore, the sewing machine is affordable.

Warranty: You can get a refund or replacement if you buy the sewing machine and find it defective.


No batteries/power adaptor included: The sewing machine is sold without batteries or power adaptor needed to power.

Single thread sewing: You must tie a knot manually given the sewing machine has a single thread.

Can be cumbersome: The sewing machine may be compact, small, and lightweight but may still not be easily portable in your pocket.


This handheld sewing machine is an invaluable accessory today for anyone who wants a quick solution to common problems like garment repairs. The sheer size and effectiveness of this sewing machine eliminates decades of inconveniences when it comes to emergency garment mending. The machine may have some cons; however, the pros outweigh the benefits.

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